December 3, 2020

It is hard to believe that we are already starting the process to transition your student to Margaret Mead Junior High School!  We know the transition to junior high potentially comes with excitement and anxiety.  Therefore, we take great care in ensuring your student is ready for his/her move to Mead before they even arrive for their first day in August.  One of the first steps in this process is our Future Mustang Family Presentation that will be available for you to view on Friday, December 4, 2020.  The purpose of this presentation is to familiarize you and your student with Mead’s curriculum, Mead’s school improvement plan, and student activities offered at Mead Junior High School.  Mead will also review the procedure for requesting elective classes as part of your student’s academic programming for next school year.  On Friday, December 4, 2020, Mr. Ross, Mead’s principal, will email you a link to the Future Mustang Family Presentation to be watched at a time convenient for your family.  They suggest watching the presentation prior to requesting your student’s elective classes because the video contains information about each of our elective class offerings.  To further support your student’s transition, Mead will be providing you with a link to a Google Form where you can submit questions about the transition.  Once they receive your question, they will connect back with you to answer.  I have included a timeline of important dates below for your reference.  Please feel free to contact Mr. Ross at Mead at 847-357-6000 if you have any questions!

Week of November 30: Your student’s sixth grade teacher will be showing your future Mustang a video that highlights life at Mead.  As a follow-up, Mrs. Carey and Mr. Ross will be visiting your student’s sixth grade classroom via Zoom to answer any questions they may have. 
Friday, December 4:  Please check your email inbox for an email message from Mr. Ross that will contain three important links:
Starting Friday, December 4:  Please watch the Future Mustang Family Presentation video and then complete and submit your student’s 7th Grade Elective Class Request for 2021-2022
Friday, December 11:  Please complete and submit your student’s 7th grade Elective Class Request for 2021-2022 and, if desired, your Future Mustang Family Questions by the end of the day.