August 17, 2020

Students will be engaged in a blended learning experience using both online and print materials, and we want to ensure they have all the appropriate items.  We have devised a drive through pick-up schedule for 1st-6th grade students on Tuesday, August 18 so students are prepared for the first day of school.  Please note that incoming 3rd grade families should also bring their child’s iPad and charger to return since 3rd grade students will receive a Chromebook for this year.  Also, kindergarten families will have a separate pick-up date on August 26 from 11:00-1:00.

When you arrive, please follow the below guidelines:

Drive up to the front of the building.
Remain in the car and pop your trunk when you pull up.
Have a sign prepared with your child’s last name and what grade he/she is entering.

Materials Pick-Up for 1st-6th Grade

Materials Pick-Up for 1st-6th Grade
Tuesday, August 18
9:00-10:00 Student Last Names A-D
10:00-11:00 Student Last Names E-H
11:00-12:00 Student Last Names I-L
12:00-1:00 Student Last Names M-Q
1:00-2:00 Student Last Names R-U
2:00-3:00 Student Last Names V-Z
Materials Pick-Up for Kindergarten
Wednesday, August 26
11:00-1:00 All Kindergarten Students