About Link

Link serves approximately 650 students in kindergarten – sixth grade. 

Link was added to District 54 in 1973. Since then it has had two additions to accommodate the schools growing population. All teaching spaces in the building have been wired to accommodate laptop computers, printers, and interactive white boards.

Students study language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies in their classrooms. In addition, students are placed in flexible reading and math acceleration groups to help all students continuously grow academically. Each week students are given the opportunity to have PE/Health, music, art and library/maker space classes. 

Link is honored to be an International Spanish Academy. The English-Spanish Dual Language Program allows students to learn in Spanish during social science and language arts classes.

In addition, students in 3rd – 6th grade who are eligible will receive gifted services from our gifted teacher. 

Our staff and students can draw upon the support of a principal, an assistant principal, and support staff including ELL teachers, special services teachers, a psychologist, a social workers, an occupational therapist, a physical therapist, a speech and language therapist, a nurse, secretaries, and custodians.

Beyond the classroom, Link offers an array of extracurricular activities. There are numerous club offerings that you can learn more about on our clubs page

Mascot:    Leo the Lion 

Colors:     Red and White