Clubs at Link 

Art and Nature Club 

Mrs. Rutkowski will welcome 3rd-4th graders this winter to create artwork inspired by nature, meant to be used outside, or by using objects from nature. This club will take place during lunch recess from February—April.

Battle of the books 

There are three levels of Battle of the Books. Ms. Peraino will sponsor the 1st and 2nd grade level, Mrs. Mahajan and Mrs. May will sponsor the 3rd and 4th grade level, and Mrs. Benson will sponsor the 5th and 6th grade level. Students read books and work together to answer questions about what they read. Students will then be chosen to go to the district battles and try and answer more questions correctly then students from other schools. 

Board game club 

This winter, Mr. Schneider will invite 5th and 6th graders to bring their own board games and card games from home to play at school. This club will be an electronics-free zone!

Club unify 

Club Unify brings together students with and without special needs to participate in fun games and social activities. The goal of Club Unify is to provide a worthwhile learning experience for all students while fostering friendships and social interaction. Mrs. Rutkowski and Mrs. Mahajan will be running this all-year club.   

coding club 

Mrs. Chiero will be sponsoring Coding Club. Coding Club is for 4th graders who have an interest in technology. Students will learn the  basics of coding and apply problem solving skills and computational thinking to solve real-world problems. Coding Club will meet before school during the winter months. 

math olympiad 

Students in 4th—6th grades are invited to join Math Olympiad! Students will be given opportunities to engage in creative problem solving activities that will prepare them to compete in monthly contests with students from around the world! Mrs. Rubel will sponsor this club that will meet before school on Tuesdays from November—March.

mindfulness club 

Mrs. Kasper welcomes students in 4th—6th grades to join Mindfulness Club! During this club, students will practice a variety of relaxing and refocusing tools to bring back to the classroom. This club will start mid-October and take place every other Wednesday before school.  

rocketry club

Mrs. May and Mrs. Kalamaris will sponsor this out of this world club for 5th and 6th graders! Students will have the opportunity to build   rockets, learn about space travel, and participate in a rocket launch in the spring! This club will begin in early spring. 

Rube goldberg club 

Mrs. Gallo and Mrs. Rubel invite 5th and 6th graders to join Rube Goldberg Club! Students compete with machines they have designed and created.  Competitions encourage teamwork and problem solving. Rube Goldberg Club will meet after school on Tuesdays beginning in  November. 

Scinece fair 

Students in grades 1st-6th are invited to participate in the science fair! Before the science fair, students will meet with Mrs. Hyland and Mrs. Willis to choose their project and make sure they are on the right track for the fair. Students will complete their science fair projects at home. The science fair will take place in early spring. 

sparkle club 

Sparkle Crew will be open to 5th and 6th graders who have an interest in planning special ways for students to recognize their peers in fun ways! Mrs. Benson and Mrs. Bosanac will be sponsor this club. 

Story book craft club 

Mrs. Bartholomay and Ms. Rutkowski invite kindergarten students to join Storybook & Craft Club! Students will listen to stories and complete fun crafts. This club will meet on Wednesdays during lunchtime starting in the fall. 

Year book club 

Mrs. Hyland, Mrs. Romero, and Mrs. Willis will be sponsoring Yearbook Club this year. 6th grade club members will help take pictures and design the 2022-2023 Link yearbook.  This club will meet before school this fall—spring.

yoga Club 

Students in grades K-6th are invited to join Ms. Caro and Ms. Colon to learn basic yoga positions, breathing techniques, and meditation. Yoga Club will meet after school starting later this fall.