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Link Club

Art Club

Art club is an after school program giving students in first through sixth grade the opportunity to have extra time to explore their art skills with a variety of media. Students will create individual and collaborative pieces while exploring media that students may not experience during the school day; such as photography and clay sculpture. Miss Rutkowski and Mrs. Mason are the sponsors of this club.

Battle of the Books

There are three levels of Battle of the Books. Miss Bebensee will sponsor the first and second grade level, Mrs. Mushynski will sponsor the third and fourth grade level, and Miss Koeller will sponsor the fifth and sixth grade level.  Students in this club read 10-12 books, create and answer questions during the club time.  A final team is chosen to compete at the cluster level with an opportunity to compete at the district level.

Coding Club

Coding Club is for students who have an interest in technology and would like to join an introductory level Coding Club.  Students will learn about computer science and its application to real-world situations.  They will learn the basics of “coding” and apply problem solving skills and computational thinking to solve real-life problems. Coding will begin in October with Mrs. Chiero. (Grade to be determined)

Cooking Club

Mrs. Bartholomay will offer cooking club to give kindergarten and first grade students an opportunity to practice mixing, stirring, measuring, and following a recipe while trying out new foods. Mrs. Bartholomay will link the food to a book that she will read to the students while they eat the snack they made.  Students will bring home a recipe book at the end of this club.

Cross Roads Kids Club

Cross Roads Kids Club is a club that meets for ninety minutes every Friday with community volunteers in a fun-filled character formation club. Mrs. Rummel is the sponsor of this club that runs throughout the year.  All grades are welcome to join Cross Roads Kids Club!

Endangered Species Club

Endangered Species Club will begin in February with Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Novelli. This club is offered to fourth and fifth graders who are interested in researching endangered species. There is a fieldtrip at the end of this club.

Environmental Club

Environmental Club will begin this winter for interested fourth grade students. Ms. Wippman and Mrs. Metelski are the sponsors of this club.  It is a club for students who want to learn how to take care of our environment in a responsible way.  Students will learn and promote ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle in school and at home. We will also adopt an animal in need through the World Wildlife Fund and explore nature through planting flowers.


FUSE Club will be starting in November with Mrs. Gallo and Mrs. Brey. It is an exciting opportunity for fifth and sixth graders to further explore what they have been exposed to in class.  It is all based on the engineering design.  Students have the freedom to select from various challenges such as computer based programming, hands-on construction, robotics, and more!


GEMS club is a club for responsible fifth grade girls who have an interest in challenges that involve problem solving and collaborating with others. The goal of this club is to positively impact children’s attitudes about their abilities to engineer.  The girls will engage in activities that are fun, exciting, and connect to the world in which we live.  Our activities will provide open-ended challenges that have multiple solutions.  Mrs. Chiero is the sponsor and GEMS club.

Math Olympiad

Through the Math Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools, students will be given opportunities to engage in creative problem solving activities. There will be one contest offered each month including a practice day, contest day and a debriefing day. Students will be competing with other students from around the world.  Mrs. Rubel will meet with this group of fourth through sixth graders on Thursday mornings starting at 7:50am.  The first meeting is November 3rd and will continue through April 6th.

Rocketry Club

Mrs. Cardenas and Ms. Ratcliff run this out of this world club at Link!  Students will learn more about outer space, space travel, and of course, ROCKETS during Rocketry Club!  This club allows 20 students from fifth and sixth grade the opportunity to build rockets and learn about space travel.  Students will get a chance to build several different types of rockets, including one rocket that will be launched at a district wide launch in the spring!  This is Rocket Science!

Science Fair

The Link Science Fair will take place in February and first through sixth graders will be allowed to participate. Prior to the fair, students will meet with Mrs. Hyland and Mrs. Evans to choose their project and make sure they are on the right track for the presentation night. The actual science project will be completed at home.

Shakespeare Club

During Shakespeare Club students will dive deeper into the play and characters and their traits. This will also offer the opportunity for students to further study Shakespeare’s bard and his accomplishments.  Mrs. Rubel will sponsor this club beginning in January.

Soccer Club

Soccer Club is offered to first graders in the Fall and second graders in the Spring.  Kids learn how to dribble, pass, and play the game of soccer with fun games!  No experience is required so anyone can join. Ms. Ratcliff and Ms. Logan run this club.

Spanish Club

If a student has ever wondered . . . What kind of food do people in Peru usually eat? Why are sugar skulls and flowers used to decorate Mexican cemeteries and homes in November?  What type of dance is done in Puerto Rico?  If a student would enjoy learning how to use common greetings, phrases and songs in Spanish then this club is for them! Club Ñ will be focused around the language and culture of many Hispanic nations. Ms. Medina is the sponsor of Spanish Club which will begin in October for Kindergarten through second grade students.

Spanish Drama Club

The Spanish Drama Club will begin in January with Mrs. Hamlin and Mrs. Caro. First, second and third graders in the dual program are invited to join this club.  Students will practice speaking Spanish while putting on different plays.

Student Government

Student government is a club lead by Mrs. Gallo, Mrs. Brey, and Mrs. Vanderheyden. Student Government promotes student services to the school and community through various activities and philanthropies.  They are the “voice” of the student community and listen to suggestions and ideas to make Link a better place.

Typing Club

Mrs. Tiedt and Mrs. Malewicz will run different sessions of typing club throughout the year. This club will help students become familiar with the keyboard and they will practice to improve their typing skills.

Yearbook Club

Mrs. Evan, Mrs. Romero, and Mrs. Hyland will be in charge of Yearbook Club this year. 6th grade club members will help take pictures and design the 2016-2017 yearbook. This club runs from November to March.